Refractory Services:

  • Lining design and engineering

o Petrochemical, refining and processing

♦ FCCU and crude units, hydrogen, sulfur reactors/recovery units, heaters, cokers and structural fireproofing

o Chemical resistance/compatibility, heat savings and molten-metal containment

o Removal and installation services

o Aluminum furnaces

o Cement and lime

♦ Rotary kilns, firing hoods, coolers and preheater towers

o Power generation and incineration

♦ Coal-fired boilers, circulating fluidized bed, thermal oxidizers, package boiler linings and structural fireproofing

Refractory Materials:

  • Block insulation
  • Brick
  • Castables
  • Ramming plastics
  • Ceramic fiber products
  • Insulating cement
  • Concrete and plaster patching
  • Fiberglass gaskets, rope and tapes

Fireproofing Services:

  • Maintenance surveys and repair recommendations
  • Tear out and installation services
  • Field and shop work installation packages

Fireproofing Materials:

  • Meeting UL design recommendations for a variety of fire-rated systems

o Cementitious Industrial Fireproofing- Pyrocrete 241, Pyrocrete 240HY, SW

Fireproofing Installation Services:

  • Maintenance fireproofing surveys

o Complete with walkthroughs, detailed photos, descriptions and recommendations

  • Concrete fireproofing repairs
  • Cementitious fireproofing repairs

o Qualified fireproofing applicators for Carboline Fireproofing Products Division

  • New project structural steel fireproofing tie-ins
  • In-shop structural steel fireproofing for projects